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God's Wisdom In Business


The Key To Christian Business Success

The Key To Christian Business Success
Many Christians say they love the Lord and tell everyone how they've made the commitment to put God first in their business practices.  From my experiences, I have to say that many whom I've done business with have greatly fallen short.  In fact I'm sure that many Christians have no idea what a commitment to putting God first in the center of anything means.

I've dealt with so many Christians in business who have lied to me, who have done everything they could to cheat me out of money, and who deceived me at every turn in order to trick me into giving them free work.  And they do it all without guilt because they say that they are "doing God's work." They lie and cheat in the name of the Lord!  How I cringe when I see this happening.

God's Guidance and Benefits To Those Who Obey The Word


Honest Christians are usually the one's preyed upon by those who claim to be Christians, but who lie and cheat. However, those filled with God's integrity don't have to be taken in and cheated.  If you keep God at the center of your life and business, God will reveal the truth about persons who approach you for business collaborations, and He will uncover their lies.  Over the years I have come to understand their tactics quickly in order to avoid living through a business commitment that turns into a nightmare.  But if I should lack the wisdom, I know that God will give me the guidance to avoid doing business with a specific person as a seller or a buyer. He will do the same for you if you keep honest business dealings and put God first over money.

 Use This Scenario To Avoid Dishonest People In A Service Business


Phase I of their communication begins with them saying very little about what they want.  However, they expound on the fact that they are in the ministry as a pastor or church leader of some kind.  Then when they receive information about your business, they add more to their story, usually it's a life story about the difficulty they've had transitioning from a life of sin to Christianity.  They make it clear that all they want to do now is share the Lord to the lost.  Once "the story" is set, they begin to talk more about what they want.  All the while they act as if working with them will be a great blessing and benefit.  This is the point were I have learned to cut things off because if I don't, the manipulation and lying phase begins.   

If you get to Phase 2 of their communication they ask you how much everything they want is going to cost.  You tell them but they don't respond.  They only repeat what they want done and add more to it.  All the while they act clueless about the process of the business and how it works. Then they mention that they have some of their work, like a book, for instance, available for you to look at to get a glimpse of what they're doing to save the lost.  Then they ask for the price again and say that they want you to do the work for them and they need to get started right away.  You tell them that once you receive the fee or payment work will commence, but then they take you to Phase 3. 

They say they have decided to do the work themselves and that you can do some of the work for them over time, but they don't mention payment.  Usually what they mention is the hardest part or the bulk of the work needed for whatever it is they want done.  When you tell them that you will have to charge a fee for the work, they come back with a story about how they've been working with a very well-known expert in the field.  They share a list with you of what that person will do for them.  Then they ask if you can do the same because they really want to work with you. With one person I dealt with, he gave me a list of everything I had already said numerous times I would do for him and had even sent him in written form.  

It was like going in circles and never getting anywhere--and I wouldn't get anywhere until I said I will do all the work for "free."  At this point I stopped all communication.  Now, I won't allow myself to get passed Phase I.  I'm a writer and I figured that in the time it took getting through all 3 Phases, not to count the ones I avoided, I could have written a good sized Kindle book. 

Avoid Foolishness In Business


While it's wise and God's way to be kind and respectful to potential clients in business, we have to know when to stop communication in order to not waste valuable time that you or God could put to better use.  Never feel the need to "finish out" conversations that keep you on the hook to people who try to get you to "make them a deal" which will always leave you on the losing end. They believe that because they serve God everything they get from others should be for free.  Yet many have high paying jobs and businesses that they have no trouble collecting money from.

At one point in my business, I actually went full circle with two Christian women.  It was a nightmare getting them to pay which should have been revealing enough.  Once they got through the mystery of paying my "lowered" fee, the nightmares began.  I don't have the time to go into their web of lies, deceit and manipulation that occurred, but I'm still receiving their demands to do work that was never a part of our contract and which had ended two years ago. I've repeatedly had to point out to each one that my services to them are completed, but they don't have the respect to abide by our written agreement.

I've been in sales with my husband and we've had to live by commission, but we never tried to cheat people.  We went out of our way to be honest.  We prayed for our client's best interests to be served over the money we would earn.  In doing this, we were always blessed and empowered to live in peace without having to worry about money.  We never needed to plot and scheme how we were going to take advantage of someone to get our money.  We looked to God as our provider and trusted Him to prosper our lives and money, and He did!

Also, I have my own ministry, yet I have never asked for anyone to give me anything for free.  I pay my way as I go and when I need more money I ask God to provide it through my work or I take it from my general emergency savings.  With this attitude I end up with special gifts or favors from people.  Good things  happen when we give God a channel to work with through our integrity and honesty toward others. 

In conclusion, I admonish all Christians to be honest in business as well as in their business dealings.  And if you are already honest, don't entertain those persons who wish to steal from you and take your valuable time and money.  Both of these elements will be better spent when given to the Lord in ways that will glorify Him and bring Him praise and honor.


  1. I recently worked for two women who call themselves Christians. I was quite honest when I began working for them: I am a Buddhist, but fully respect the beliefs of others. I do not speak of or attempt to impose my beliefs on others. At first, I did the work that was agreed upon and was paid an amount that was fair. Slowly, more was expected of me and claims were made that I was being paid more than I was. These women were constantly telling me they loved me and using the term "God Bless"...although they never quite got around to adding my name or the pronoun "you" after the word "Bless." Soon I was making half of the money I'd been making at the start of the job and doing housework and pet sitting for them. I have a form of autism. They played on my tendency to trust too easily and my need to form friendships with others. I receive EBT and needed cash money for cat food, paper towels, toilet paper, household cleaners. At first, considering that I was working an average of 50 hours per month and doing hard labor out of doors, paying me $30 US for such items and helping me with an additional $100 I thought was fair. These women had money. Then one day, a bit of "bait and switch" occurred under my nose. I had not agreed to this -- it is illegal! But I didn't know until I was at the register and all groceries were run that I was paying for EVERYONE'S food, while one of the women wrote a check for about $30. Thus, it appeared I'd paid nothing and she'd been paying me.

    Working in their home, I learned something other than the obvious problems were occurring. These women were always sick. As I spent time indoors, I began to feel sick, too. What was strange was that if I spent time away from the house without doing anything special to treat my "illness", I'd recover. Gradually, however, I became so ill I contacted a Pulmonary Doctor because I recognized that I was being exposed to large amounts of toxins dispensed in vapor form.

    I did a lot of research and presented the data to the younger of the two women. Rather than express gratitude, she adopted an attitude of hostility toward me. I am concerned for her mother, who is ALWAYS seeing a Doctor and being treated for infections from which she never fully recovers. The daughter claims she loves her mother and is very afraid her mother will die. Meanwhile, I see no evidence the presence of this toxin has been reported to the mother's Doctor. After last month, the daughter attempted to pay me $20 when I'd worked for more than 3o hours. She'd promised to pay me a pitiful $50 -- which is outrageous -- but kept lying to me about "how poor" she is, while she shopped and spent hundreds on items she did not need, that were not gifts for anyone...just greed, selfishness, while I slaved for her.

    I TOLD her precisely the reason she must follow through with paying me $50. And this woman behaved so badly with me, I began to believe that, as one Pastor expressed to me, such people are truly devils. I know good Christian people. I feel fear for the life of the mother, as she is trapped and dependent on the daughter for transportation.

    The daughter is controlling and may feel that I am seeing through her guise of "good caregiver", as she is often giving the mother tranquilizers to "calm her down and help her sleep" so the mother is now quite addicted. I feel that if there is no formal intervention, the mother will die. What happened to me was nasty and petty enough. But I will not condone a woman suffering a horrible, painful death. THe next time someone says the words "God Bless" to me, I am counting me fingers and asking: "God Bless WHO, for what purpose?"

    1. Thank you for your comment. It was much appreciated. I'm always saddened when Christians or those who claim to be Christians cheat others, lie and deceive in the name of Jesus Christ. I have had this done to me by women who claim to spread God's Word to the lost. Like you I have to wonder if such people really are Christians, but only God can know for sure.

      I'm very sorry for your experience and the poor witness given to you. You sound very wise and fair and you do realize the women you worked for do not represent all Christians.

      I hope you have found work with those who you can trust and will give you the honesty you deserve. I really do mean it when I say that I hope you receive many wonderful blessings and success in your life.

      Sincerely In Christ,
      Margaret Lukasik


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