Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prioritize For God

Put God First In Your Business and Life

Many Christians are living with financial difficulties,  career or job disappointment and a lack of joy in their work and lives.  There could be many reasons for this, but the answer for turning a boring job or failing business into a successful and prosperous part of your life can happen by taking two steps with God:

  1. obey God's will and purpose for your life
  2. put and keep God at the center of your life and business
Prioritize For GodThe question for you today if you're having problems making ends meet or getting ahead in your career, business or ministry, is how can you make the two steps above relevant in your life Life today!  That's what this site is all about.  This information mixed with my life purpose lessons will empower you to live the life of your dreams.

Life is busy--especially with young families, church, keeping up with your business or job and making time for God.  In fact for many, making time for God is one of the first activities of the day to put off and perhaps eliminate in order to make time for everything else that has to be done within a day. 

This site was created to show you that you can't afford to put God last or eliminate Him from your day.  When you do, your life will be out of sync with God.  This means that whatever you do will not be backed by the power and authority of God to bless and prosper you. 

So how do you learn to prioritize for God first without letting the rest of your life fall apart?  It's not that difficult to prioritize for God, but you have to be willing.  If you don't feel inclined to put God first, and your life and business aren't going the way you would like, then you you need to make a change for God and with God.  He'll help you all the way.  Trust Him first and you'll experience great results.

You trust God by faith, believing that He will make the changes in you, your life and your business that are needed so that He can bring you to the right places, people and opportunities to bless you.  The more you obey His leading, the more your life will be blessed, and most important, the more you will be a blessing to others.

Once you've taken the step to trust God it's time to implement Steps 1 and 2 from above.  If you don't know how to organize your life  I will be writing articles here to help you.  And I've also written a study or reference book to help you center up God in your business or in the workplace.

I've also created a website that will help you center your life upon God and learn your life purpose.  The studies are free.  You can visit my site here:  Life Purpose

Look for my continued posts!

Margaret Lukasik

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Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik

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