My Experience In Business and In Christ

My business career began when I was eight years old.  I began selling jewelry that I made from my mother's sewing box.  It was a combination of a straight pin decorated with plastic strips in various colors braided over the top end to create lapel pins.  I made them every night after I had finished my homework.  Then I would sell them the next day at school.  They were so popular that I couldn't make enough of them.

I soon learned after about a month that I wasn't able to sell my pins on school grounds, so my business was over, but not the excitement of working from home. I was hooked, but it would be awhile before I found another way to work for myself again.  I didn't give up but I needed another idea.

The idea for my next business came two years later when I was chewing bubble gum.  The light went off in my head that I could supply the demand for bubble gum easily by buying the gum at a store nearby that sold their candy and gum at lower prices than other stores if I purchased in volume.  This way I could buy low and in bulk and then set my retail price just below the store prices that all the kids at school were going to at our lunch hour to buy their candy and gum.  And this time, I decided to sell off the school grounds.  It was very lucrative, but it didn't last long.  I learned that it was not only against school policy, but it was illegal because I needed a permit and business license.  So once again I was out of business because my fellow students were my best and only customers.   But I never lost the excitement of having my own business.  

It wasn't until my early thirties that I began my next home business. But it was born out of a storefront failure.  My craft store wasn't doing well so I started painting needlepoint canvases and my idea was an instant hit.  However, I had just given birth to my son and found it too difficult to be the hands-on mother I wanted to be and a store owner at the same time.  So I closed down our store and went into mail order to work from home.  I had almost instant success!

I began painting needlepoint canvases from photographs my customers sent me. I loved it!  It was so much fun I could hardly wait to get up in the mornings.  Then I began painting canvases. Small computers and the Internet were on the horizon but not yet available in mass, so the best form of getting customers for my type of business was by placing ads in magazines.   I had two small children at the time so I loved working from home. I felt very blessed!  I'm not saying that mother's who work outside their homes are wrong, but for me it was great to raise my children myself rather than have day care or a babysitter do it.

I loved the excitement of creating something from nothing and actually earning an income from it.  Over time my art business turned into a writing business when I began going to craft fairs and then writing and selling books about my most popular projects.  With an organized schedule I made time for doing all the things I loved which included making time for God and learning more about the Bible, practicing it daily, teaching it to my family, cooking healthy meals, and just doing what I wanted!  However, the most important part of my business was to remain focused upon God's Word in my family and in my business.  I made changes in myself and my business to do things God's way.

However, in 1995 I heard that I would stop my craft and writing business and begin writing about all the years I had practiced using the Word and the successful results I had achieved.  I had a difficult childhood which had caused many problems in my life.  Without realizing it I had become a difficult person to be around.  Sometimes I was happy and joyful and other times I would be mad and angry when I looked back over my past.  I wasn't an immoral person, but I wasn't always a nice person.  However, the Word helped me identify my problems and overcome them. It was this information that God wanted me to write about, not myself personally and He wanted me to write from a layperson's point of view.  He wanted me to show Christians how to use the Word for living successfully in every areas of their lives. 

I purchased notebooks and pencils and was ready to write, but then I heard that it wasn't time yet.  So I kept a notebook handy along with a pen and waited.  I learned that I needed more healing so I continued in the Word for greater change and growth through Jesus Christ.  When it was time to begin writing I knew just where to begin, with my now classic book, "It Makes Perfect Biblical Sense That You Can Have What You Say!"

I started an Internet ministry website to center around it in 1999 and have continued ever since.  I'm still learning From God's Word and I'm still writing about my growth.  I never teach anything about Christianity that I haven't practiced in my life and proven successful in order to provide accurate studies and not lead Christians astray or in the wrong direction from God's Word.  I believe that my continued growth and understanding of God's Word is the reason for my ministry and business growth, my creativity, ability and success.  I don't measure all my success by financial increase, but I have that too.  

In 2004 I worked with my husband in real estate helping him with our marketing on the Internet and by direct mail. However we decided to retire which leaves me with more time to give to my Internet ministries. Now that I'm older I have much to share with over 30 years of Christian experience with family, business and general Christian growth.   I want to share this information with other Christians and help them find their peace, joy and success in Christ much sooner than I did. My main website is Victory Thru Christ.org which I started in 1999.  My other major site is Life Purpose Books.com for Christian and business book reviews and promotion. 

My husband and I have been married for over thirty years and we have three children and eight grandchildren.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing not only your experience but also your testimony. While I am grateful for the business advice, I am moreso encouraged by your personal journey. God has used you to open my eyes to my own struggles and I have been given profound revelation as to how to work on them! Im always amazed at how God works sometimes. Afterall, I just happened to stumble across uour site and boom! There was a lesson He has been waiting to teach me!

    1. Thank you for your great comment! It's very much appreciated that you took time to write. I'm also thankful my site has helped you to understand better what God has for you. He is AWESOME!

      Many blessings,


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